Nautilus cannot handle “computer” location on Ubuntu(Karmic Kaula)


Last week i have experiencing error during opening Computer, Network Folders, Destop and Recycle bin on Ubuntu Karmic Kuala. And flash drive cant do the automount anymore.

The error says :

Nautilus cannot handle "computer" location

I found out that i have upgraded my glib library under /usr/local few days ago.


Remove /usr/local
sudo mv /usr/local /usr/local.old

create /usr/local
sudo mkdir /usr/local

restart your computer.

Try to check you computer folder and its working! Good luck!

Updated: correction from Amar Patil, Thanks….

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  1. i had also same problem. thnx now it works for me..
    just little correction in your instruction.

    1st instruction should be like as follows..
    sudo mv /usr/local /usr/local.old

    Thanks & regards,

  2. It’s working. Thank you for the tip. Just one question what is the role of /usr/local directory


  3. yeah..same problem after updating to glib-2.28.
    works after removing local dir.

  4. Thank you very much sir! I was beginning to lose hope in Ubuntu as a whole :(, but now all my problems are fixed. I will be more careful next time I try to update a system library.

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